Principal and Interest Loans

Traditional mortgages, offering the facilities of redraws, ATM access, internet & telephone access, mortgage offsets, extra repayments and split accounts and competitive rates.

Interest Only Loans

Popular with investors, offering a variety of extras such as the facility of making extra repayments and split accounts for tax and accounting purposes and receiving rental payments and dividends directly into the loan account.

Lines of Credit

Popular with small business owners, offering the flexibility and facilities of cheque books together with immediate access and split accounts for tax and accounting purposes.

Lo-Doc Loans

These rates are higher and aimed at the self employed market whose tax returns would challenge the full documented loan approval system.  Individuals have the facility to submit tax returns and convert to a full documented loan at a later date with a reduction in their interest rates.

Reverse Mortgages

Aimed at older citizens wishing to release equity in their properties to aid retirement and other purposes.

Asset Lends

Short term facilities for commercial business purposes, suitable for sophisticated investors.

Construction Finance

Facilities for individuals to construct their dream or investment home. Council approved plans and fixed price building contracts are required.

Deposit Bonds

Insured by major institutions, offering the facility as an alternative to cash when exchanging on property purchases